Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices

Alternative fashion modes

Agents of Alternative bookThree of our board members and ‘fashion hacker’ Otto von Busch contributed to a new interdisiplinary design book, Agents of Alternatives: Re-designing Our Realities, published recently by AoA, Berlin. Zoe Romano contributed a case study about OpenWear, Cecilia Palmer (founder of Pamoyo) was interviewed about ‘Open Fashion & Code’, Anja-Lisa Hirscher of Make{able} wrote an essay entitled ‘The Joyful Experiences of Making Together’ and Otto von Busch focused on ”Hacking in the name of …’ :Agents of Alternatives and Virtuous Vigilantes’. Ana Malalan, author of Supertailoring (Superkronjenje) describes Anselma, a co-working studio space for sewing and more.

Experimenting with open design, co-design, co-production and co-consumption is a central thematic of the book, Agents of Alternatives, so it is natural that these alternative explorations embrace fashion and clothing which is fundamentally embedded in our aesthetic and cultural discourse. With over 50 contributors, from internationally renown authors to local activists, the book charts the diverse approaches from artists, designers, educators, social entrepreneurs and commoners to create meaningful, viable ways of living and working. The pluralistic content is organised within a structure of alternatives worlds, supported by an evolving lexicon and developing practices (see the ‘How stuff works’ section). This is an essential read for anyone wishing to be inspired and gain practical insights into creating alternative ‘realities’.

AFL, 10.06.2015


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