Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices


Making in a collaborative environment is central to emerging practices around fabrication. Where better to experience it that Fab10, the tenth annual jamboree of the Fab Lab and maker movements? This year’s event is currently running in Barcelona. This weekend, 5th and 6th July, there are a number of workshops and activities at the Fab FESTIVAL which look at the hybrid territory of fashion design, eTextiles, wearable technologies and more. While this hybridisation of analogue and digital is emergent, the business models are less clear but no doubt will evolve.

Here’s a quick look at some of the workshops:


Interactive Shirt (for children) by Valentina Chinnici


Cut-out learther slippers/shoes, Kuluska by Naoiki and Ayu Fujimoto


Textiles sensor by Betty Mori of Plug & Wear


Reactive Fibrous Assemblages by Jean Akanish , Ali Yerdel and Jin Shihui


Arduino Wearables by Zoe Romano (a Mode Uncut board member) and Constantion Bongiorgo


Fab Loom for Kids by Walter Gonzales Arnao, FAB LAB UNI


OpenKnit, an open source knitting machine by Gerard Rubio


Papertronics – electronic circuits on paper – by Sohil Patel and Nirman Dave


Stencil making with a Roland GX-24 vinyl (plotting) cutter by Giovanni Re and Roland

We expect some interesting experiments!

Barcelona Fab Lab has also been exploring the cross over between textiles, fashion and electronics in collaborations with a group of designers and artists called FTEX.

The opportunties for open fashion design seem ripe for exploration.

AFL, 04.07.2014



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