Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices

MODE UNCUT at the Helsinki Design Week

MODE UNCUT – ‘The Open Fashion Design Network’ will be hosting a 2-day event at the Helsinki Design Week 4.-14. Sept. 2014. From the 10th of Sept. till the 11th we invite designers, citizens, digital makers, hackers, DIY/DIT-fans and everyone interested to join us in developing an experimental collection of open fashion design by hybridising the skills of designers, digital makers and citizens within a unique ‘matrix’ for re-conceptualising fashion. Participants can play and experiment with digital tools (rapid prototypers, laser cutters etc) and analogue tools (sewing machines, knitting needles…) and various textiles and other materials.

MODE UNCUT matrix3

Mode Uncut Matrix

The 2-day event offers a creative workshop introducing the participants to the possibilities of designing with the MODE UNCUT Matrix, an open design tool to de-mystify and re-think clothing and fashion design processes. We aim to combine analogue with the digital production methods to create hybrid models of designing and producing fashion with an ‘open design’ spirit. Experts from the area of digital maker culture, local fashion designers and citizens will be encouraged to work together to create ‘shareable open designs’. This will be stimulated by applying the MODE UNCUT Matrix to re-conceptualise what a ‘collection’ can be and to explore the potential to create an open pattern database. There will also be the possibility to set up a crowdfunding campaign, to develop potential concepts further into an open-fashion-design business model concept.

The event will be facilitated by Alastair Fuad-Luke and Anja-Lisa Hirscher at a Helsinki based FabLab (location to be confirmed).

 We hope to create amazing designs for the ‘fashion commons’ – ‘everyday wear by you/us’!

Making and Desiging

Making and Desiging with the MODE UNCUT matrix


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