Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices

Open Fashion Design WS at LAMK, Lahti

For promoting the ideas and ideology of open source design and to engage more young fashion designers for our Open Fashion Design Pop-up shop, we went yesterday to the city of Lahti to explore with students from Lahden Ammattikorkeakoulu / Lahti University of Applied Sciences the benefits and opportunities Open Design offers to local fashion designers (Image 1) but also their customers (Image 2). After a short intro-lecture on Open Design, and illustrating it with some examples from the area of fashion & clothing (Presentation PDF to download) the students were asked to think about the benefits of designing with the user, instead of only for them. In the group we enthusiastically discovered a great number of benefits which we clustered and analysed to find that benefits are found on both sides Designer and Shopper


Image 1: benefits for the fashion designers


Image 2: benefits for the shoppers

Then we went into making, to develop artifacts which could engage the shoppers to become curious and visit the shop. From the example of half-way or half-made mittens (Image 3)  we went towards creating objects which are unexpected to be found in the streets, and thus create a surprise effect and nurture curiosity.


Image 3: Half-way mittens spread in the city of Lahti

The students split into two groups, of which one made slippers with an interesting detail, a pocket, where we could for example place an info flyer, to spread them ‘walking’ to the store.

IMG_2132 IMG_2133

Group-work designing & making a slipper 

The second creative approach were earmuffs, made from an old wire and an IKEA blanket.

DSC08309 - Copy DSC08318 - Copy

Group-work designing ear-warmer with wire and an IKEA blanket

All of these objects and many others will be found and shared in our Open Fashion Design Pop-up shop. So drop by and check out what we can make and design together!

DSC08322 - Copy

Ready prototypes to be shared and made with the shoppers.


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